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Pigmentary Disorders Interest Group


Application Requirements

Must be a PDS Fellow/Diplomate with good moral character and in good standing with PDS

  • Submit a copy of the PDS certificate of good standing for the year of application 

Submit a letter of intent addressed to the Chair of the interest group; must include:

  • statement as to the reasons for joining the group and ways on contributing to the growth of the group 

  • complete curriculum vitae with 1×1 recent photo

Must have a completed research pertaining to pigmentary disorders 

  • Attach a copy of the completed research


Must have a published journal article/book chapter, locally or internationally, on pigmentary disorders 

  • Attach a copy of published journal article / book chapter


Must have lectured on topics of pigmentary disorders, locally or internationally

  • Attach proof of lecture (certificate or program)

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