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Leprosy Subspecialty Core Group

Leprosy is a neglected disease in the Philippines. We, considered as experts in Leprosy, have the responsibility to provide the best care practices for our patients. Still considered as a curse by most Filipinos, our patients do not only suffer the physical effects of this disease but also endure the stigma it carries because of its devastating social, economic, psychological and mental toll on the patients.  

The PDS subspecialty group is an advocacy group of volunteers who have the compassion to make a difference in the field of Leprosy. It is our duty as PDS members to do our part not only in treating our patients clinically but also supporting their well-being through compassionate service. 


To achieve a Leprosy-free Philippines


To provide optimal care for Leprosy patients in the Philippines


  • Train residents to diagnose and manage Leprosy to be experts in this field

  • To constantly update our members with new evidences and clinical practice guidelines

  • To continue strong partnership with the DOH-NLCP in their activities on leprosy including providing expertise, clinical and training support, and be their referral network in the handling of Leprosy in the Philippines

  • To be the forefront in leprosy research

  • To be active in social awareness campaigns and stigma reduction efforts in Leprosy in the Philippines


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Abelaine Venida Tablizo, MD, FPDS


Honorary Advisors: 

  • Roberta C. Romero, MD, FPDS

  • Ma. Luisa A. Venida, MD, FPDS

  • Gertrude P. Chan, MD, FPDS

  • Ma. Teresita G. Gabriel, MD, FPDS

  • Belen L. Dofitas, MD, FPDS

  • Mercedita F. Marcelino, MD, FPDS


  • Katherine Joy Sayo Aguiling, MD, DPDS 

  • Monique Lianne Lim Ang, MD, DPDS 

  • Marion Odette Alonzo, MD, FPDS 

  • Dee Jay B. Arcega, MD, FPDS

  • Maria Christina R. Batac, MD, FPDS

  • Marivic O. Bumalay, MD DPDS 

  • Geraldine Ruth D. Cadacio, MD, FPDS 

  • Carolina Austria Carpio, MD, FPDS 

  • Maria Mercedes S. Cauilan, MD, FPDS

  • Maria Vinna N. Crisostomo, MD, DPDS 

  • May F. Fernandez-Gonzales, MD, FPDS, MPH 

  • Janelle Go, MD, DPDS 

  • Ricky H. Hipolito, MD, FPDS

  • Ma. Angela M. Lavadia, MD, FPDS

  • Leoncia Y. Lintag, MD, FPDS

  • Heirich Fevrier P. Manalili, RPh, MD, DPDS 

  • Maria Tricia Manlongat-Malahito, MD, FPDS

  • Remedios M. Manuel, MD, FPDS

  • Julie W. Pabico, MD, FPDS

  • Matthew David S. Parco, MD, FPDS

  • Roberto Antonio B. Pascual, MD, FPDS

  • Eugenio Reyes Pipo III, MD, FPDS

  • Czarina Pineda-Chavez, MD, FPDS  

  • Frederica Veronica M. Protacio, MD, FPDS

  • Claudine Joy Ramos, MD, DPDS 

  • Francisco D. Rivera IV, MD, FPDS

  • Susannah Ong-Salvador, MD, FPDS

  • Maria Roselle R. Sanchez, MD, FPDS

  • Angeli San Pedro-Garcia, MD, FPDS 

  • Michaela Tabalon-Morales, MD, DPDS

  • Martha Bruan Tapales, MD, FPDS 

  • Patricia V. Tin, MD, FPDS

Membership Requirements

The group is divided into 3 subgroups: 

1. Honorary Advisors 

They are composed of past chairs of the Leprosy Subspecialty group. Their task is to provide a reasonable level of contribution to decisions based on their experiences as past heads of the group. They are expected to give guidance and support on relevant matters and effective decisions of the subspecialty group.

2. Core Team Members

They are composed of fellows and life members of the PDS who have actively managed leprosy patients or have been actively involved in Leprosy research, education and stigma reduction of Leprosy for 10 years or more. They are expected to actively help in the planning and conducting of the projects of the subspecialty unit.

3. Regular Members

They are composed of diplomates and fellows of the PDS who have the compassion for Leprosy advocacy in our country by providing quality care to Leprosy patients, conducting researches on Leprosy and helping fight the stigma to patients and the people around them. They are expected to actively participate in activities conducted by the subspecialty group.

  • *Member must be a diplomate or fellow with good moral character and in good standing with PDS. 

  • *Applicants must submit his/her Letter of Intent with Proof of Leprosy cases handled. He/she must include his/her curriculum vitae (including work/researches done for Leprosy), institutional affiliation and membership in PDS chapters.

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