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Dermoscopy Subspecialty Core Group

We are a group of PDS dermatologists with an interest and passion in dermoscopy. Our goal is to promote, develop and disseminate knowledge and skill in dermoscopy to all our PDS dermatology colleagues and to promote dermoscopy as a basic diagnostic tool (the dermatologist’s stethoscope). We also aim to include dermoscopy in skin, hair and nails as a required competency and skill to be obtained during dermatology residency.


  • To promote the practice of dermoscopy of skin, hair and nails for all PDS dermatologists and therefore improve their clinical eye. This group will emphasize the importance of dermoscopy, share knowledge, teach and develop skills in dermoscopy, as well as promote the clinical practice and application of dermoscopy

  • To upgrade the quality of service delivered to all dermatology patients by practicing dermoscopy in the clinics. 

  • To share and disseminate knowledge, develop the skill and promote the incorporation of dermoscopy into the PDS dermatology residency training curriculum. Dermoscopes should be considered as a basic diagnostic tool (the dermatologist’s stethoscope) in all PDS dermatology residency training programs (focusing on consultants and residents). 

  • This group will develop a competency-based curriculum in dermoscopy to be disseminated to the residency training programs

  • This group will create a basic modular curriculum in dermoscopy for the PDS membership accompanied by a video lecture library (see activities below). 

  • To promote the correlation of dermoscopy with dermatopathology for clinico-dermoscopic-histopathologic correlation

  • To be able to collate and collect a PDS library of digital dermoscopic images (correlated to clinical and histopathologic images) for brown skin and other skin phototypes.

  • To focus on studying the dermoscopic features of brown (Filipino) skin and other skin phototypes with a range of undertones living in the tropics

To promote collaborative research between all PDS institutions and dermatologists emphasizing dermoscopy.


A PDS dermatologist will be the premiere resource and have the highest competence and skill in dermoscopy, leading the way and being a source of knowledge and training for other specialties aiming to learn this diagnostic tool. All PDS diplomates, fellows and dermatology residents will be highly equipped and skilled in dermoscopy, fostering a practice of excellence and extra-mile service that will benefit the Filipino patient.


Arunee H. Siripunvarapon, MD, FPDS


Gisella U. Adasa, MD, FPDS


Ma. Jasmin J. Jamora, MD, FPDS, FDSP

Immediate Past Chair

  • Ang, Catherine Ilene B.
  • Aquino, Terese Monette
  • Arcaira, Joshua A.
  • Avecilla, Guia R.
  • Barit, Jay-V James
  • Belisario, Ma. Pacita S.
  • Bernales-Mendoza, Andrea Marie
  • Bormate, Adolfo Jr., B.
  • Cabrera, Hildegarde A.
  • Calvarido, Mary Grace Anne A.
  • Castro-Diaz, Anna Lou
  • Chavez, Czarina
  • Chong, Catherine L.
  • Co, Abigail C.
  • Coo, Elisa Rae L.
  • Cua, Val Constantine S.
  • Dayrit, Johannes F.
  • Dayrit-Castro, Carmela Augusta
  • Dim-Jamora, Krisinda Clare
  • Ferrariz, Teresita S.
  • Floreza, Elsie Reynosa P.
  • Galang, Ma. Dulce Amor Vivan F.
  • Gulmatico-Flores, Zharlah
  • Habaluyas-Luz, Katrina Erika
  • Jamisola, Lian C.
  • Jao-Tan, Cindy
  • Jarin, Michelle Marie
  • Lao, Peachy Paz
  • Lazaro-Nisce, Diana Marie
  • Leynes, Esther C.
  • Livelo, Lauren Camille B.
  • Lopez-Reyes, Tina Marie
  • Lugasan, Maynie Bambi D.
  • Manalili, Heirich Fevrier P.
  • Montinola, Filomena L.
  • Morales, Michaela T.
  • Nadela, Christina Andrea Samantha E.
  • Orillaza, Hanna L.
  • Ortiz, Portia Charisma Ruth A.
  • Quinio-Calayag, Francesca
  • Quizon, Mae R.
  • Ramilo, Vilma
  • Ramos, Veronica
  • Sayo, Marianne Isabel A.
  • Tapales, Martha B.
  • Tian-Chan, Blossom
  • Tuazon, Camelia Faye R.
  • Uy, Maria Barbara O.
  • Verallo-Rowell, Vermen M.
  • Yason, Ma. Jasmin
  • Yu, Arnold

Application Requirements

  • PDS Diplomate or Fellow in good standing with the PDS who must submit a certificate of good standing for the year of application

  • A letter of intent addressed to Dr. Arunee H. Siripunvarapon, Chair and Dr. Gisella Adasa, Co-Chair of the subspecialty group stating the reasons for the application and proposals/plans to contribute to the advancement of the group

  • Complete curriculum vitae with 1×1 recent photo

  • Must own a dermatoscope (absolute requirement)

  • Adherence to the mission, vision and objectives of the PDS Dermoscopy Subspecialty Core Group.

Has fulfilled ANY ONE of the following:

  • Completed at least 2 months of fellowship training on dermoscopy

  • Completed any dermatology fellowship with at least 2 months of training on dermoscopy

  • Completed an accredited dermoscopy certification course or workshop (see the list of accredited certification courses and workshops below) and able to submit ONE personal clinical case report demonstrating applied knowledge and skill using a dermatoscope for clinical diagnosis of a patient

  • Practicing dermoscopy for at least 2 years post-residency and able to submit a portfolio of clinical cases (at least FIVE) demonstrating use of dermoscopy for clinical diagnoses of patients

  • Practicing dermoscopy for at least 2 years post-residency with at least ONE published research study on dermoscopy as a primary or co-author

  • Completed at least 2 months of fellowship training on OTHER non-invasive skin imaging modalities including but not limited to reflectance confocal microscopy, optical coherence tomography and cutaneous ultrasound

Pls email applications to [email protected], cc: [email protected]

List of Accredited Certification Courses and Workshops as of 2023*

  • The International Online Dermoscopy Course by
  • The HealthCert Certificate and Professional Diploma Program in Dermoscopy
  • The Dermoscopy Excellence Digital Training or International Masterclass
  • Dermatoscopy: A complete course for complete beginners by Dermonaut
  • Master of Science in Dermatology and Preventive Dermato-Oncology of the Medical University of Graz
  • Short Course in Dermoscopy by the Department of Dermatology of Cardiff University
  • Dermoscopy workshops (at least 12 cumulative hours) by accredited providers including but not limited to the American Dermoscopy Meeting, American Academy of Dermatology, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, World Congress of Dermatology, Philippine Dermatological Society

Note: Pls check with us if you found a course or workshop that is not listed here if it can be accredited or not

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