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The St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Dermatology hosted its Post-Graduate Course entitled BODY ESSENTIALS – Dermatologic Problems and Treatment Beyond the Face last August 25, 2017 at the Henry Sy Auditorium, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City. Veering away from the typical, the post-graduate course focused on a line-up of commonly encountered problems of patients beyond the face – the axilla, neck, and even inguinals, to name a few. This event was the place to be for both dermatologists and physicians, alike, interested in updating their own practice with the “tips-and-tricks” from the roster of speakers comprised mainly of in-house St. Luke’s consultants.

The jam-packed day was formally opened by the moderator, the ever lively Dr. Jasmin Jamora and the event officially started by Dr. Ma. Pilar Leuenberger, the Chairman of St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City.

The rich scientific program started off with a lecture by Dr. Melanie Pauline Chao-Lo entitled Lightening, Brightening, Whitening which focused on various approaches to dealing with stubborn pigmentation in the axillae and inguinals. The lecture raised many questions about the management of such since it is a common concern amongst patients. Dr. Rhesa May Martinez and Dr. Lonabel Encarnacion spoke on the different alternatives for body contouring through non-invasive procedures. This was followed by a rich panel discussion on the rejuvenation of the neck comprised of Dr. Jonathan Dizon, Dr. Claudia Samonte, and Dr. Gwendolyn Wong, led by Dr. Clarissa Cellona. The panelists shared valuable insights on their own approaches of choice for aging gracefully through rejuvenation of the neck. Dr. Mia Angela Verzosa spoke about different treatment options for stretch marks, another common complaint among women. Ending the morning session was Dr. Francisco Peralta, Jr. who definitely sparked the crowd’s interest by sharing his perspective and updates in the management of leg veins.

The afternoon session was gladly opened by Dr. Ma. Lourdes Nebrida-Idea who served as the moderator. The afternoon started strong with Dr. Ma. Pilar Leuenberger discussing management options for solar lentigines and actinic keratosis. This was followed by an engaging panel discussion entitled Debar the Scar focusing on the management options of commonly encountered types of scars. Four interesting clinical cases of scars were presented by Dr. Charlene Ang-Tiu who served as the moderator to the panel comprised of the big names in their fields Dr. Briccio Alcantara, Dr. Enrico Antonio Ilao, and Dr. Cynthia Ciriaco-Tan. Equally interesting was the discourse of Dr. Camille Berenguer-Angeles on the various aspects of hyperhidrosis, including its clinical features and challenges in management. Dr. Carolyn Jean Chua-Aguilera expounded on what is new in the field of managing ingrown toenails as well as her experiences during her fellowship training. A wonderful session was dedicated to treatment approaches to back acne, where many challenging clinical cases have been observed given its many mimickers, given by Dr. Claudine Yap-Silva. The afternoon session ended on a high note with Dr. Gwendolyn Wong who shared the Laws on Hair loss, which zeroed in on innovative treatments in the management of male and female pattern hair loss. The day was ended with Dr. Cynthia Ciriaco-Tan, the Over-all Head for the Post-Graduate Course, giving a brief but impactful closing message, one that surely excited the attendees for the post-graduate courses to come in the next years.

The long day proved to be an immensely fruitful venue where knowledge exchange was at its best. The post-graduate course was met with much excitement as manifested by the attendees who stayed until the very end of the program. Definitely, all the participants went home not only with a lot of exciting gifts from the many sponsors, but more importantly, with immeasurable learnings from the evidence-based and expert experiences of the St. Luke’s consultants.


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