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PDS President Dr. Angela Lavadia (Left photo) delivers her opening remarks during the Skin Health Conference. Speakers/Facilitator Dr. Marivic Dizon, Dr. Ma. Teresita Gabriel, Dr. Cindy Jiao-Tan, Dr. Lilian Villafuerte, Dr. Maryshia Recto shown in the right photo. Speakers/Facilitator Dr. Socouer Oblepias, Dr. Leilani Senador, Dr. Juliet Macarayo and Dr. Flordeliz Casintahan as shown in the middle photo.


Another successful venture of PDS, in partnership with Galderma Philippines, occurred last June 14 2017, themed as the Skin Health Conference: Quest Towards Healthy Skin.  It was a graced by respected speakers from our Philippine Dermatological Society and the Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Dr. Cindy Jao-Tan, one of our very good pediatric dermatologists, gave an insightful discourse on the different pediatric dermatology cases from atopic dermatitis and beyond. One can only fathom what cases will come in our clinics, hence Dr Jao-Tan’s talk proved to be very practical and useful. Dr. Marysia Recto, a well-respected allergologist, dealt with the disease mechanisms beneath the skin surface of atopics. Her talk exposed the things we need to know on an allergologist’s point of view. Dr. Lillian Villafuerte, our expert in the field of contact dermatitis, showed different interesting cases that can be misdiagnosed as a simple atopic dermatitis. The diversity in the presentations made us realize that there is truly a need to be dermatologically trained if we want the best for our patients. Dr. Ma. Teresita Gabriel, PDS’ well-loved Past President, shared recent updates on how a defective skin barrier affects our management of various skin diseases, most especially atopic skin.

Acne has always been a disease that may be easily recognized but hard to treat, especially when cases present as moderate to severe in degree. Dr. Socouer Oblepias, a consultant of RITM Department of Dermatology and whose passion for improving the lives of acne patients is well known, presented a very enlightening lecture on how to prevent acne scarring, a sequelae dreaded by anyone with acne. This was followed by the introduction of Adapalene 0.3%/Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% (Epiduo forte gel) by none other than Dr. Flordeliz Abad-Casintahan, the current Chair of JRRMMC Department of Dermatology. This new preparation, stemming from the first Adapalene 0.1%/Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% gel proven to be efficacious for acne, is being positioned as a monotherapy for moderate to severe acne. The protocol that this new drug underwent, under the new and stricter FDA requirements to prove the efficacy of a new drug, made everyone realize the significant effects of Epiduo Forte gel as a sole treatment for acne. This will mold new practice methods, especially for patients who do not want any oral medication for their acne treatment. Lastly, in the best interest of everyone in the audience, was a talk on the non-procedural approach to deal with photoaging, delivered by Dr. Ma. Juliet Macarayo, a dermatologist from Central Luzon and the current Editor-in-Chief of PDS Skincontact. Prevention and treatment with sun protection, retinoids, especially that of adapalene 0.3% gel, and antioxidants were elucidated.

The whole day conference, with an audience of 250, was opened by the PDS President, Dr. Ma. Angela Lavadia and closed by kind words from Galderma Philippines.

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