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by Anna Irene Zuniga, MD


The art and practice of medicine is learned not just through the books, but also through real life experiences and actual patient encounters. This year, the RITM Department of Dermatology, showcased various lessons and discussions from the expert dermatologists to impart knowledge on what it is like in the real world of dermatology.

Skinology discussed a wide array of topics starting from the very problematic acne vulgaris, the rising use of biologics for psoriasis, the frequently shadowed sexually transmitted infections to topics that focuses on aesthetic dermatology such as eyebrow enhancement and liquid facelifts to keep us up to date on latest trends and needs of our patients. Personal growth and health of dermatologists is top on the list of priorities in clinical practice and this was also wonderfully discoursed.

The charismatic chairman of the department, Dr. Ma. Teresita Gabriel, spearheaded the event. Immediately followed by a lively and interactive discussion on eyebrow enhancement by Dr. Leilani Senador. Dr. Gisella Adasa presented the latest treatments on atopic dermatitis and Dr. Ma. Purita Paz-Lao presented a new innovation on laser treatments for vascular conditions. Topics on emerging sexually transmitted infections were discussed and Dr. Rosanna  Ditangco also tackled new treatment algorithms, but safe sex practice is still the most relevant of all. The use of biologics for patients with psoriasis was discussed thoroughly by Dr. Clarisse Mendoza and Dr. Emmerson Gale Vista while its associated co-morbidities were discussed by Dr. Bernadette Arcilla.

Acne is a common concern of patients and different patients respond to different treatments. These diverse methods were discussed by Dr. Julie Pabico, Dr. Socouer Oblepias, Enrico Oblepias, and Dr. Rosalinda Nadela to guide us in both old and new approaches in treating acne.  The currently controversial use of moisturizers was cleared by Dr. Teresita G. Gabriel, which emphasizes the importance of its use for supple and healthy skin.

Patients often come in to our clinics for beauty concerns and what tops the list is how to fight ageing. A break from pathological discussions, Dr. Beverly Amoranto taught the audience on the use of fillers for a liquid facelift! This was followed by a video workshop to better show and guide the delegates on the actual process

The importance of holistic well being for not just for the patients, but for us, doctors, as well, was discussed by Mr. Jose Villablanca, which highlighted the importance of having a balanced life and a positive disposition to achieve good health.

The two-day postgraduate course held at the Bellevue Manila in Alabang, Muntinlupa was attended by a total of 251 delegates who all went home carrying new knowledge that was generously shared by our excellent speakers. The entire dermatology department of RITM is truly grateful for the unwavering support of all sponsors, speakers, and delegates for helping us, once again, have a successful and meaningful postgraduate course.

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