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Rizal Medical Center – Department of Dermatology


Francisco DC. Rivera IV, MD, FPDS
Chairman, Department of Dermatology
Rizal Medical Center

Maria Katherina Lat Herrin, MD, FPDS
Training Officer, Department of Dermatology
Rizal Medical Center

Consultant Staff

Consultant Staff (from L to R):
1st Row: Czarina P. Chavez, Abelaine Venida-Tablizo, Martha Joy Bruan-Tapales, Mae Ramirez-Quizon, Lily Lyralin Laconico-Tumalad;
2nd Row:Maria Sharlene Pelino-Temblique, Patricia Cleopatra G. Guieb, Charmaine G. Castillo, Rogelio A. Balagat, Ma. Cristina A. Puyat, Christene Pearl Fernandez-Arandia, Maria Isabel Beatriz L. Puno, Charlene Marie Ang-Tiu;
3rd Row: Jacqueline Michelle D. Melendres, Patricia Anne T. Tinio, Maria Katherina Lat-Herrin, Cecilia Roxas-Rosete, Francisco DC. Rivera IV, Jamie P. Nuñez, Alma Gay Concepcion Amado, Mary Elizabeth Danga, Katrina Angela Z. Reyes
Department of Dermatology, Rizal Medical Center

Consultant Staff:

Francisco DC. Rivera IV, MD, FPDS, MHA

Department Chair

Cecilia Roxas-Rosete, MD, FPDS

Assistant to the Chair, Contact Dermatitis, Environmental and Occupational Dermatology, Head of the Eczema and Allergy Center

Maria Katherina Lat-Herrin, MD, FPDS, FDSP, PASMAP

Residency Training Officer, Dermatopathology, Sexually Transmitted Infections

Mary Charmaine G. Castillo, MD, FPDS

Assistant Training Officer, General Dermatology, Administrative Officer (Quality Management Services)

Rogelio A. Balagat, MD, FPCP, FPDS, FPRA

Head of Rheumatologic-Dermatology Clinic

Charlene Marie Ang-Tiu, MD, FPDS

Head of Basic and Advanced Dermatologic Surgery (Mohs) Unit Head

Abelaine Venida-Tablizo, MD, FPDS

Infectious Dermatology, Leprosy, Head of the Leprosy Hub

Mae Ramirez-Quizon, MD, FPDS

Head of Blistering Diseases Clinic, Head of Hair and Nail Clinic, Contact Dermatitis

Ma. Cristina A. Puyat, MD, FPDS

Head of Procedural/Cosmetic Dermatology Unit

Alma Gay Concepcion Tavanlar-Amado, MD, MHM, MBA, FPDS

Administrative Officer (Quality Management Services), Head of Anti-Red Tape Authority

Jamie P. Nuñez, MD, FPDS

General Dermatology, Dermatoethics and Professionalism

Jacqueline Michelle D. Melendres, MD, FPDS

General Dermatology, Research Coordinator – Epidemiologist, Head of Teledermatology Unit, Institutional Review Board Member, Community Epidemiology

Christene Pearl Fernandez-Arandia, MD, FPDS

General Dermatology, Dermatological Lasers

Lily Lyralin Laconico-Tumalad, MD, FPDS

Photodermatology, Head of the Psoriasis Center

Lily Lyralin Laconico-Tumalad, MD, FPDS

Photodermatology, Head of the Psoriasis Center

Mary Elizabeth S. Danga, MD, FDSP-PDS

Dermatopathology, Head of Dermatopathology Unit

Katrina Angela Z. Reyes, MD, FPDS

General Dermatology, Head of Dermatological Laser Unit, Administrative Officer (Quality Management Services)

Patricia Anne Ty-Tinio, MD, FPDS

Head of Photodermatology Unit

Czarina P. Chavez, MD, DipClinRes, FPDS

Research Officer, Research Coordinator – Clinical Trials, General Dermatology, Institutional Review Board Member

Cleopatra Patricia G. Guieb, MD, FPDS

General Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, Sexually Transmitted Infections

Maria Isabel Beatriz Puno-Gomez, MD, FDSP-PDS


Martha Joy Bruan-Tapales, RPh, MD, FPDS

Medical Officer IV, General Dermatology, Dermatopharmacology and Compounding

Camelia Faye R. Tuazon, MD, FPDS

Visiting Consultant, Pediatric Dermatology

Catherine Anne Cifra-Kim, MD, DPDS

Medical Officer IV, Administrative Officer, General Dermatology

Maria Sharlene Pelino-Temblique, MD, FPDS

Medical Officer IV, Administrative Officer, General Dermatology, Sexually Transmitted Infections

Danielle Nicolle D. Mejia, MD, DPDS

Medical Officer IV, Head of Community Dermatology, General Dermatology, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Teledermatology

Jennifer Lavina T. Ngo, MD, DPDS

Medical Officer IV, Clinical Research Fellow



Resident Staff


3rd Year Residents (from L to R):
Sheehan Mae A. Tolentino, Tina Elaine M. Resuello, Arbie Sofia P. Merilleno
Department of Dermatology, Rizal Medical Center

2nd Year Residents (from L to R):
Dana Andrea D. Nery, Bernadette B. Iglesia, Ivy S. Cagulada, Wendilyn B. Mejia, Florteresa G. Ollero, Jonella Jean F. Nicolas
Department of Dermatology, Rizal Medical Center

1st Year Residents (from L to R):
Marie Nikki B. Balgomera, Jobelline Mae C. Fernandez, Agustin Miguel P. Soriano, Nicolette F. Nuñez, Ma. Bernadette Beatrize L. Paredes
Department of Dermatology, Rizal Medical Center

Resident Staff:

3rd Years

  • Arbie Sofia P. Merilleno, MD (Chief Resident)
  • Tina Elaine M. Resuello, MD (Assistant Chief Resident for Internals)
  • Sheehan Mae. A. Tolentino, RPh, MD (Deputy Chief Resident for Externals)

2nd Years

  • Ivy S. Cagulada, MD
  • Bernadette B. Iglesia, MD
  • Wendilyn B. Mejia, MD
  • Dana Andrea D. Nery, MD
  • Jonella Jean F. Nicolas, MD
  • Florteresa G. Ollero

1st Years

  • Marie Nikki B. Balgomera, MD
  • Jobelline Mae C. Fernandez, MD
  • Nicolette F. Nuñez, MD
  • Ma. Bernadette Beatrize L. Paredes, MD
  • Agustin Miguel P. Soriano, MD

Nursing and Administrative Staff

  • Don M. Bolire, RN
  • Arthur Joseph D. Cardenas, RN
  • Imelda G. Sadioa
  • John Loue D. Diocampo


To promote servant leadership, provide compassionate service, practice ethical and clinical competence through training and produce socially relevant research and advocacy in dermatology.


To become the preferred end-referral center for Dermatology in Eastern NCR and Calabarzon by 2022.

Department Facilities and Services

General Dermatology


Leprosy Hub

  • Skin slit smear
  • G6PD Assay

Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic

  • Intralesional triamcinolone injection
  • Cryosurgery
  • Electrodessication and curettage
  • Acne surgery
  • Incision and drainage
  • Extraction of milia and molluscum lesions
  • Chemical peels
  • Fillers
  • Botulinum toxin injection
  • PRP

Psoriasis Center

  • Biologic injections
  • Phototherapy (please see phototherapy)

Eczema and Allergy Center

  • Patch test (80 haptens)

Autoimmune Blistering Disease (Immunodermatology Clinic)

  • ELISA (BP180, BP230, Dsg1, Dsg3, Collagen Type VII)
  • Direct Immunofluorescence (IgG, IgM, IgA, C3, Fibrinogen)

Rheumadermatology Clinic

  • ANA
  • C3
  • C4
  • Anti-dsDNA
  • Rheumatoid Factor


  • RPR (Qualitative)
  • HACT Screening

Hair and Nail Clinic

  • Nail surgery/Ungiectomy

Pigment Clinic

  • Dermoscopy

Birthmarks and Vascular Anomalies Center
Wound Management Center (in development)

Laser and Light Facility

  • Nd-YAG
  • Er-YAG
  • Pulsed Dye Laser

Pharmacy Compounding Facility

Dermatology Laboratory Facility (in development)

  • KOH Smear
  • H&E Stain
  • Gram Stain, Culture and Sensitivity
  • Giemsa Stain
  • Periodic Acid Schiff Stain
  • Acid Fast Stain
  • Immunohistochemical Stains (CD1a, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD20, CD31, CD68, S100, Melan A)

Dermatologic Surgery Facility (Mohs Surgery)

  • Skin biopsy (Punch, shave, excision)
  • Excision of moles and cutaneous tumors
  • Mohs surgery
  • Skin flaps and grafts

Phototherapy Unit

  • Phototherapy (NB-UVB, UVA, Comb NB-UVB, Hand and Foot UV-B)

Other Services

  • Superficial Radiotherapy – for keloids, pre-malignant lesions and malignant lesions
  • Skin and Soft Tissue Ultrasound – for diagnosing and visualization of tumors

Support Groups

  • Psoriasis Club
  • Hansen’s Disease Club
  • Eczema Club

Details for applying into residency training (Requirements)

Applications for residency training open annually. Announcements pertaining to the annual deadlines are disseminated through the department Facebook page. Inquiries may be addressed to applicants.rmc.derm2021@gmail.com

The applicants must submit to the Chief of Medical Professional Staff (CMPS) Office, eight copies (1 original and 7 photocopies) each of the following:

1. Handwritten application letter addressed to Maria Rica M. Lumague, MD, FPCS, MHA, Medical Center Chief II thru, Roel Tito A. Marcial, MD, FPCS, FPSGS, Chief of Medical Professional Staff II.

2. Properly accomplished and typewritten Personal Data Sheet (PDS), printed back to back on long bond paper. This form is downloadable at www.csc.gov.ph. Latest passport size photo with white background and signature over printed name.

3. Authenticated certified true copy of PRC Board Rating and PRC ID License

4. Curriculum vitae

5. Certified true copy of Transcript of Records

6. Certified true copy of Medical School Diploma

7. Class Standing


Dermatology at Rizal Medical Center (RizalMed) started as a Section of the Department of Internal Medicine in 1985, with Dr. Pio Raymundo Tantiongco as the sole consultant dermatologist who saw patients at a specific day and time in one of the subspecialty rooms of the Out-Patient Department. He stayed in RizalMed from 1985-1993 until Dr. Carmela Reyes took over the position from 1994-2006. And in 2007, Dr. Francisco D. Rivera IV assumed the role as Head of the Section of Dermatology up to the present time. With his dream of turning the section to a full-grown department, Dr. Rivera invited other dermatology consultants mostly with subspecialties and who are board-certified members of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) to join and help him with this daunting task. Finally, in July of 2017, this dream turned into a reality with the birth of the Department of Dermatology of Rizal Medical Center.

In March 2017, RizalMed was designated by the Department of Health (DOH) to be one of the regional end-referral centers in Dermatology during the time the Rizal Integrated Health System was started. Presently, there are several hospitals that have an inherent working clinical network with RizalMed (e.g. Taguig-Pateros Hospital, Pasig City General Hospital, Pasig City Children’s Hospital (Hope Medical Center), Angono General Hospital, Morong General Hospital, The New Rizal Provincial Hospital in Binangonan, Tanay General Hospital, Antipolo Community Hospital, etc.). Majority of these patients come from its catchment areas that include Rizal province, its surrounding cities and municipalities. There are also patients coming from other distant provinces as far as Laguna and Batangas.

With this extensive clinical network to serve, the department has focused on three (3) main objectives: A. Capacity building B. Improvement of its Service Delivery Network (SDN) and lastly, C. Perfection of its work flow processes. Crucial and integral to the accomplishment of these objectives is having its very own Skin Center that is located in the newly built 3rd floor extension of the Out-Patient Department. This Skin Center is envisioned to be a Center for Excellence housed by trained multi-specialists in dermatology and other associated medical disciplines offering a wide range of dermatological services complete with state of the art diagnostic modalities and therapeutic interventions. Likewise, one of the strategies of the department is the creation of disease- focused centers with the aim of providing leadership and best clinical practices based on research and training for a focus area. The following are the centers that we have started and plan to continue to develop: Psoriasis Center, Eczema and Allergy Center, Infectious Dermatology and Leprosy Center, Center for Immunoblistering Diseases, Center for Cosmetic and Procedural Dermatology, Dermatological Surgery Center, Teledermatology Center, Center for Hair and Nail Diseases, Center for Dermatological Diagnostics and Laboratories, Photodermatology Unit and Center for Dermatological Research.



Skin Center,
3rd Floor, Outpatient Department Building
Rizal Medical Center
Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City 1600

E-mail address: dermatology@rmc.doh.gov.ph
Trunkline: 02) 8865 8400

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