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St. Luke’s Medical Center

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To consistently be one of the best training institutions in Dermatology in the Philippines.


The St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Dermatology comprised of highly competent, dedicated, ethical practitioners and teachers of Dermatology, complemented by evidence-based research and state-of-the-art facilities, and supported by a dynamic and visionary administration, dedicates itself to producing highly competent, principled, socially relevant practitioners of the science and art of the specialty. Cognizant of its social responsibility and the imbalance in the distribution of properly trained dermatologists in the Philippines, the department shall actively promote community service and consistently contribute in the formation of a healthy nation.

Core Values

Service and Social Relevance
The Department of Dermatology offers regular, free dermatological services to social service patients of St. Luke’s Medical Center and selected urban poor communities in Metro Manila as well as outreach services to various underserved urban or rural communities. The program adequately prepares its graduates to be future leaders and envoys of community health service and encourages them to bring these skills to areas where dermatologic services are lacking.

The Department aims to produce dermatologists who are both highly specialized physicians and community health experts in skin disease through generous exposure to community dermatology, dermatologic surgery, laser surgery, pediatric dermatology, environmental dermatology, dermatopathology, photodermatology, hair and nail diseases, and research. The training committee is focused in ensuring that the residents maintain their academic competence through group and individual knowledge tools.

The department strongly emphasizes on training its residents to become morally upright specialists in dermatology, from teaching good clinical practice and ethical methods in research, to consistently educating them on updated evidence-based management of dermatologic cases. An atmosphere of integrity and reliability is advocated in the program.

The department strongly upholds a deep appreciation of the specialty through focused guidance towards a benevolent practice in the Philippines. It is through fueling its trainees with compassion that the department produces well-rounded, service-oriented graduates.


Dermatology services in St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City was recognized in the 1960s as a Section under the Department of Medicine formerly headed by Dr. Mariano Ortiz†. The St. Luke’s Dermatology Residency Program, first conceived in 2001, was a result of several developments that progressively led to its fruition. Firstly, the administration of the St. Luke’s Medical Center, in line with its thrust towards excellence in healthcare and medical education, encouraged Dr. Lonabel A. Encarnacion, then Chief of the Section, to set up a residency training program. Secondly, the Section of Dermatology grew remarkably from its fledgling state in terms of academic staff, facilities, and patient population. And lastly, the Philippine Dermatological Society published its list of certified dermatologists by region, which showed discrepancies in the distribution of accredited dermatologists in the country. These events inspired the section to take on the challenge of creating a training program that was launched in 2006. Its primary aim was to produce competent dermatologists who will seek PDS certification and who will be strongly encouraged to contribute and practice in underserved areas in the Philippines. In 2011, supported by a visionary administration, the conversion of the Section into a Department of Dermatology was approved, which included the inauguration of the Department of Dermatology of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City. Despite being two separate hospitals, these two facilities are unified in providing outstanding dermatological care. It is in this spirit of voluntarily sharing knowledge & skills to residents that the St. Luke’s Global City Dermatology Department complements the training program of the accredited St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Dermatology in Quezon City. At present, the Department indeed maintains its strong commitment in intensively and dutifully training its residents and is proud to have an untarnished 100% specialty board-passing rate.

Facilities/Services Available

Composed of dermatologists trained both locally and in some of the world’s renowned dermatological institutions, the St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Dermatology provides world-class medical and surgical dermatological care. In addition to offering general dermatology outpatient service, the center is a centralized diagnostic and therapeutic facility, providing comprehensive specialized services, training and research. Expertise combined with technology enables the department to offer excellent dermatological services and improved quality of life for people with dermatological concerns through special units devoted to various subspecialties, including the Laser Unit; Photodermatology Unit; Mohs Surgery Unit; Dermatohistopathology Unit; Environmental Dermatology Unit; and the Hair Unit

Organizational Chart

Assistant Training Officers
Charleen S. Banayo, MD
Mia Angela C. Verzosa, MD
Maria Deanna S. Ramiscal, MD
Emmerson Gale S. Vista, MD

EXECOM Committee
Ma. Rica S. Mallari, MD

Consultants Development Officer
Angela Katrina M. Esguerra, MD

Research Head
Ma. Pilar L. Leuenberger, MD

Marketing head, PRG and HE Coordinator
Jamaine Melisse Cruz- Regalado, MD

Human Relations Officer
Ma. Regina S. Pastor, MD

Asst. Dermatology Center Director
Kathryn Anne Cembrano- Mamaclay, MD

Informatics System Officer
Jarische Lao- Ang, MD

Training Committee
Charleen S. Banayo, MD
Dell Kristie O. Castillejos, MD
Natividad Sandra D. Chua, MD
Jamaine Melisse Cruz- Regalado, MD
Lonabel A. Encarnacion, MD
Angela Katrina M. Esguerra, MD
Enrico Antonio M. Ilao, MD
Ma. Pilar L. Leuenberger, MD
Ma. Rica S. Mallari, MD
Ma. Lourdes Anna M. Nebrida- Idea, MD
Maria Deanna S. Ramiscal, MD
Cynthia P. Ciriaco- Tan, MD
Mia Angela C. Verzosa, MD
Emmerson Gale S. Vista, MD
Gwendolyn Y. Wong

quezon city
consultant staff

Alma Gay C. Amado, MD
Maria Patricia A. Chavez, MD
Stephanie S. Chua, MD
Carolyn Jean O. Chua- Aguilera, MD
Nora R. Cortez, MD
Mary Elizabeth S. Danga, MD
Jonathan A. Dizon, MD
Belen L. Dofitas, MD
Erlinda A. Garduño, MD
Maria Jasmin J. Jamora, MD
Ma. Angela M. Lavadia, MD
Leoncia Y. Lintag, MD
Isabel L. Nazal, MD
Ma. Regina S. Pastor, MD
Janina Eliza Poa, MD
Bernardita O. Policarpio, MD
Crystal Karen G. Retuya, MD
Pearl Weena Marie E. Sabido, MD
Claudia Y. Samonte, MD
Madeleine A. Sembrano, MD
Cristabel T. Sy, MD
Vivian Grace Y. Tan, MD
Gilbert C. Yang, MD

global city
consultant staff

Charlene U. Ang- Tiu, MD
Rosario A. Blas, MD
Mary Angela T. Calleja, MD
Clarissa V. Cellona, MD
Maria Patricia A. Chavez, MD
Carolyn Jean O. Chua- Aguilera, MD
Maria Suzanne L. Datuin- De Leon, MD
Ma. Lourdes De Veyra, MD
Lonabel A. Encarnacion, MD
Angela Katrina M. Esguerra, MD
Ma. Dulce F. Galang, MD
Ma. Lourdes Anna M. Nebrida- Idea, MD
Enrico Antonio M. Ilao, MD
Ma. Encarnacion R. Legaspi, MD
Ma. Pilar L. Leuenberger, MD
Elize Maria Therese Lim, MD
Melanie Pauline C. Lo, MD
Jacqueline M. Luna, MD
Lisa Denise A. Encarnacion- Mangubat, MD
Rhesa May M. Martinez, MD
Maria Eleanore O. Nicolas, MD
Arnelfa C. Paliza, MD
Tanya Angela P. Perez- Chua
Maria Luisa T. Puyat, MD
Mae Ramirez- Quizon, MD
Maria Deanna S. Ramiscal, MD
Maria Suzette B. Rosario, MD
Claudia Y. Samonte, MD
Donna Marie L. Sarrosa, MD
Claudine Y. Silva, MD
Ivan Singzon, MD
Jacqueline Lulette T. So, MD
Coreen Mae Copuyoc- Sampedro, MD
Cynthia P. Ciriaco- Tan, MD
Genevieve T. Torres, MD
Giselle Marie Ver, MD
Emmerson Gale S. Vista, MD
Gwendolyn Y. Wong, MD

resident staff
From top left to right: Dr. Patricia Ann Cabiedes, Dr. Patricia Rochelle Gan, Dr. Anna Katrina Dela Cruz, Dr. Patricia Mae Palaganas,
Dr. Patricia Louise Henson, Dr. Erika Anne Pañgan
third year residents
Patricia Rochelle O. Gan, MD
Erika Anne C. Pañgan, MD- Chief Resident
second year residents
Patricia Mae G. Palaganas, MD
Patricia Louise A. Henson, MD
first year residents
Patricia Ann F. Cabiedes, MD
Anna Katrina Dela Cruz, MD

Resident Program

Residency Program
The Dermatology Training Program at SLMC is a PDS accredited 3-year General Dermatology Program, patterned after the training requirements of the Philippine Dermatological Society. Aside from general dermatology, the program offers generous exposure to community dermatology, research and subspecialty fields, specifically dermatologic and laser surgery, pediatric dermatology, hair and nail, environmental dermatology, dermatopathology and photomedicine.

We encourage community involvement and would like to train residents from the provinces who have a desire to practice dermatology in underserved areas of the country. We have a strong bias for the bright, enthusiastic, hard working doctor, with a vision of making his/her mark in the field of Dermatology.

Residency Requirements
● Pictures: 2×2 and 1×1 (2 each)
● Curriculum Vitae to include schools attended, hobbies and interest
● Letter of Recommendation from the Dean including Class Rank and Good Standing or
○ Certificate of Good Conduct (Good Moral Character) and
○ Certificate of Class Ranking
● Letter of Recommendation from two (2) medical consultants
○ Letter of Recommendation from a doctor involved in your training/medical school
○ Letter of Recommendation from the Head of the Training Program previously in, if any
○ Letter of Recommendation from the Head of the Office previously employed in, if any
● Transcript of Records (Certified True Copy)
● Medical School Diploma (Photocopy)
● Certificate of Internship (Photocopy)
● Board Rating Result (PRC)
● Certificate from Board of Medicine (PRC)
● Photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license
● Certificate of Life Support (ACLS/BLS) Optional
● Letter of intent addressed to Department Chair Dr. Cynthia Ciriaco-Tan, FPDS
● 1 page essay on the topic “What I imagine my Dermatology Practice will be like Ten Years after Graduation from SLMC Dermatology”
Application fee: Php 1000.00
For more inquiries, please call the Medical Education
Office 7230101 local 4300 or Dermatology Center
local 5208.

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St. Luke’s Medical Center, Dermatology Center
12th Floor, Cathedral Heights Building Complex
279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard, Brgy. Kalusugan
Quezon City, Philippines 1102
Tel. Nos. 723-0101, 723-0301 local 5208

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