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Dermatologic Surgery is a basic competency in dermatology yet a challenging field that heavily
requires skills.

For years, the department has been having dermatologic surgery workshops with Dr. Ida M.
Tiongco, a Dermatologic Surgeon of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical
Center, and a visiting consultant of the Department of Dermatology of the Ospital ng Maynila
Medical Center. She has been sharing to the department her time and expertise to instill core
procedural skills while emphasizing practical and efficient techniques.

Besides seeing a good mentor demonstrating the actual procedure, one has to know the basics
in order to understand the ways and means on how to be a competent dermatologic surgeon.
With that, the book entitled “Practical Basic Dermatologic Surgery” was formed by Dr. Ida
Tiongco, along with the OMMC Dermatology Batch 2021 and the Dermatologic Surgery

The book was officially launched last January 24, 2023 at the Bagong Ospital ng Maynila
Auditorium, which was attended by a multitude of esteemed guests including colleagues from

the Philippine Dermatological Society, OMMC hospital administrators and special guests like Dr.
Antonio Ligot, and Mr. Randy David.

After years of social distancing, guests were able to reconnect and bond over shared stories,
sticky kakanin and other delicious Filipino merienda.

Starting from the moment the book was envisioned to be made to how each chapter was being
written, attendees of the event were entertained and informed with interesting speeches and
video presentations.

Dr. Ida Tiongco, along with the co-authors were awarded with certificates of appreciation for
their meritorious role in writing the book. As the event was coming to a close, book signing was
also done for guests who have purchased a copy of the book to commemorate this special day.

Being able to share the learnings and experience the department has obtained from a pillar of
dermatologic surgery, the OMMC Department of Dermatology is honored to have been part of
this momentous event.

From the must-know basics in dermatologic surgery, to the useful, practical and efficient
techniques, the department is proud to continue supporting Dra. Tiongco and all her endeavors
related to dermatologic surgery.

For our upcoming activities this year, the OMMC Department of Dermatology will be opening
once again, after 3 years, our annual Pig’s Feet Workshop headed by Dra. Ida Tiongco to the
different PDS institutions. This will be held on May 23, 2023 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the
Bagong Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center, Auditorium. For those interested in participating, you
may contact Dr. Amora at 09774026807 or message our official Facebook (OMMC Dermatology)
to register.

For those who are still interested in purchasing our book Practical Basic Dermatologic Surgery,
copies are still available. You may contact Dr. Amora at 09774026807 for orders or you may get
a copy during our upcoming Pig’s Feet Workshop.