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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
By Anna Cecilia Francesca I. Alvarez, MD

The Makati Medical Center, Department of Dermatology held its 10th Postgraduate Course last September 22, 2015 at the Halls A and B Auditorium, Tower 2, of Makati Medical Center, Makati City. Entitled Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, this wedding-like event presented a marriage of ideas from a wide range of topics about diet, health,
nutrition, alternative medicine, stem cells, aging and things in between.

The event was a success with 138 attendees from the field of dermatology and from other specialties. Sixteen informative and interesting lectures were delivered by top caliber specialists, imparting essential and useful knowledge from their years of expert studies and experiences in their respective fields.

The event was opened by the Overall Chairperson of the postgraduate course, Dr. Jose Giovanni Dimayuga, with his inspiring welcome message to the attendees. The morning session was packed with interesting lectures about nutrition and alternative medicine. Dr. Genevieve Tan-Torres talked about acupuncture and its wide range of indications from pain control, fertility, weight loss and drug addiction.

Certificates and token of appreciation given to the speakers

Practical and instructive guidelines on how to diagnose and manage allergic conditions were given by distinguished pediatric allergologist, Dr. Marysia Recto. Registered dietitian nutritionist Angela Morales shared pearls on nutrition and how balance, variety, and moderation are essentials of a healthy diet. Our very own Dr. Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell tackled the why, where, when, what, which, how and who of anti-inflammatory diet while Dr. Rolando Balburias gave a dynamic lecture on diet and dermatology using Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe).

Dr. Jaime Songco opened new perspectives on the aging males and their dermatologic concerns. Dr. Benjamin Co gave a very passionate and humorous lecture on demystifying complementary, alternative and integrative health. Esteemed dermatologist and plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel O. Fernandez Jr. generously shared his expert knowledge about the recent advances in the field of stem cells.

Drs. Guia Avecilla and Antonio C. Sison being given certificates and token of appreciation for their informative lectures

The lunch symposium was equally informative with lectures by competent and respected dematologists. Dr. Teresita Ferrariz shared the latest about skin regeneration and rejuvenation with the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) while Dr. Imelda Cabral-Villar shared her adept experiences and studies about adapalene, a retinoid that resulted from a culmination of 10 years of clinical research. The afternoon segment was started with a very informative lecture of one of our dermoscopy experts, Dr. Guia Avecilla, who gave pearls on incorporating dermoscopy in dermatologic practice.

This was followed by psychodermatology concepts and clinical applications by Dr. Antonio Sison. Concluding the event were echoes from international conferences and world congress, delivered by Makati Medical Center’s finest dermatologists: Drs. Peachy Paz-Lao, Jasmin Jamora, Krisinda Dim-Jamora and Celia Theresa Lim-Layson.

The 10th Postgraduate course of the Department of Dermatology, Makati Medical Center has successfully highlighted the academic fusion from the old, the new, the borrowed and the (blue) homegrown knowledge in the ever-growing field of dermatology. More importantly, it has united the department consultants, residents and staff in an effort to create a truly remarkable and memorable event.

Certificates and token of appreciation given to Drs. Jaime Songco and Benjamin Co for their excellent lectures
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