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UST Department of Dermatology 30th Postgraduate Course: “Infectious Dermatology: Medical and Procedural Facets”

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UST Department of Dermatology Consultants and Residents with Dr. Priya Sen during the 30th Postgraduate Course

The 30th Annual Postgraduate Course of the UST Department of Dermatology held on March 16-17, 2017 at the St. Martin de Porres Building, UST Manila was a big success.


With the theme of “Infectious Dermatology: Medical and Procedural Facets”, the two day event was headed by Dr. Angela T. Cumagun, the department chair and Dr. Maria Lourdes H. Palmero, the postgraduate course director and the residency training officer. It was attended by more than 150 physicians and resident physicians-in-training. The first day officially commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Ma. Lourdes D. Maglinao, the dean of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery followed by Dr. Ma Angela T. Cumagun. The international guest speaker, Dr. Priya Sen who is a senior consultant dermatologist and laser surgeon in Singapore with expertise in dermatologic cosmetic and laser surgery, injectable botulinum toxin and fillers, facial pigmentation and anti-ageing and sexually transmitted infections and HIV Dermatology started the medical facets with two very interesting and informative lectures on HIV Dermatology and HIV-HSV co-infection. It was emphasized how a dermatologist is integral in managing HIV infection and is often the first point of contact to making the diagnosis and instituting early treatment. Also, the different atypical presentations of anogenital herpes in HIV-HSV co- infection and the challenges in management were discussed. This was followed by a series of lectures on the Know your STI: The Usual Suspect by Dr. Gilbert Yang, Fever and Rash: Do you need to rush? by Dr. Maria Victoria Dizon, Are you ready for HIV? Practical Tips on Managing HIV Patients in Dermatology Clinics by Dr. Winlove Mojica, MRSA and the Skin by Dr. Arnelfa Paliza, Biofilms and Chronic Wounds by Dr. Eleanor Letran, Scabies and Lice: Neglected Pathogens by Dr. Bernardita Policarpio and Diet in Dermatology by Dr. Maria Cecilia Marcelo.


The second day of the postgraduate course was again started by Dr. Priya Sen with lectures on Genital Dermatolgy- STI vs non-STI where she discussed the clinical scenarios of the more common presentations in Genital Dermatology with the aim of helping clinicians to distinguish a lesion to be of anSTI or non-STI etiology and how to manage HPV Infection. It was then followed by lectures on Dermoscopy of Common Skin Infections by Dr. Johannes Dayrit, Unusual Skin Infections by Dr. Daisy King-Ismael, Updates on Antifungal Medications by Dr. Maria Rosario Aguila, Laser and Onychomycosis by Dr. Tanya Perez-Chua, Vaccines in Dermatology: Understanding the Principle and Clinical Application by Dr. Susannah Salvador, Viral Skin Infections: What’s Hot and What’s Not by Dr. Maria Lourdes Palmero, Procedural Dermatology of Skin Infections: A review by Dr. Jeanne Marie Reyes-Marquez and lastly Travelers Dermatology by Dr. Ma. Angela Cumagun. The event was capped off with closing remarks from the Postgraduate Course Director, Dr. Maria Lourdes Palmero. Indeed, the 30th postgraduate course was an opportunity to learn new knowledge and gain more insights on diagnosis and management in Infectious Dermatology.