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The only Specialty Society in Dermatology recognized by the Philippine Medical Association and the Philippine College of Physicians.
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Requirement for Manuscript Submission

Submit a copy of your original manuscript to the PDS secretariat, addressed to the editor-in-chief, and an electronic copy to the editor.

  1. Submission letter/cover letter*
  2. Duly accomplished JPDS Authorship Affirmation Form**
  3. Title page
  4. Title of the article
  5. Full name(s), highest academic degrees and institutional affiliations of author(s)
  6. Name, address, business telephone, mobile, and fax numbers, e-mail address of corresponding authors
  7. Abstract (double-spaced)
  8. References (double-spaced)
  9. Tables (double-spaced) on separate sheet
  10. Legends (double-spaced) on separate sheet
  11. Illustrations and photographs (JPEG or GIF format: 100kb, 300 dpi)
  12. Patient consent letters (photographic and informed consent)
  13. Statement Checklists:
    • CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) statement checklist ***
      – For randomized trials
    • PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses)
      – For systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  14. Permission letters to reproduce material published previously
  15. Once accepted for publication: electronic copy of the article saved in a CD, specifying file names of the text, tables, and figures


***  The CONSORT Checklist can be downloaded from the PDS website.
**  The JPDS Authorship Affirmation Form can be downloaded from the PDS website.
*  The submitted manuscript should be accompanied by a submission or cover letter from the author who will be responsible for correspondence regarding the manuscript. The cover letter should contain a statement that the manuscript has been seen and approved by the co- authors. It should also contain additional information that may be helpful to the editors, such as the type of article that the manuscript represents in the journal, information on publication of any part of the manuscript, and whether the authors will be willing to meet the cost of reproducing additional color illustrations. Include copies of any permission needed to reproduce published material or to use illustrations of identifiable subjects.