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University of Sto. Tomas Hospital – Department of Dermatology

UST - Logo

University of Sto. Tomas Hospital – Department of Dermatology

UST - Consultants

First Row from Left to Right: Ma. Victoria C. Dizon , MD, FPDS; Arnelfa C. Paliza , MD, FPDS; Lina D. Torralba, MD, FPDS; Daisy King-Ismael, MD, FPDS; Eleanor Lo-Letran, MD, FPDS; Ma. Angela T. Cumagun, MD, FPDS
Second Row from Left to Right: Susannah Ong-Salvador, MD, FPDS; Bernardita Ortiz-Policarpio, MD, FPDS; Ma. Rosario G. Aguila , MD, FPDS; Cecilia T. Marcelo , MD, FPDS; Maria Lourdes H. Palmero, MD, FPDS



  • Ma. Angela T. Cumagun, MD


Training Officer

  • Ma. Lourdes  H. Palmero, MD


Assistant Training Officer

  • Ma. Rosario G. Aguila, MD


Active Medical Staff

  • Daisy K. Ismael, MD
  • Lina D. Torralba, MD
  • Arnelfa C. Paliza, MD
  • Ma. Victoria C. Dizon, MD
  • Eleanor L. Letran, MD
  • Maria Cecilia T. Marcelo, MD
  • Bernardita O. Policarpio, MD
  • Susannah O. Salvador, MD



UST - Residents

From Left to Right: Hazel Hao, MD; Ma. Christina Gonzales, MD; Ma. Angela Santos, MD; Cecilia Mae Uy, MD; April Janel Geraldez, MD; Ria Carla Siccion, MD; Angelica Guzman, MD; Lauren Margaret Hao, MD


Third Year Residents

  • April Janel R. Geraldez, MD (chief resident)
  • Ria Carla C. Siccion, MD
  • Cecilia May P. Uy, MD


Second Year Residents

  • Angelica I. Guzman, MD
  • Maria Angela M. Santos, MD


First Year Residents

  • Hazel C. Hao
  • Lauren Margaret T. Hao
  • Maria Christina C. Gonzalez



  • Book review (weekly)
  • Journal Club (weekly)
  • Clinicopathologic conference (every 2 weeks)
  • Therapeutic conference (monthly)
  • Audit (monthly)
  • Psoriasis Club (every 2 months meeting)
  • CME
  • Postgraduate course
  • Department strategic planning (yearly)



  • Phototherapy center
  • Outpatient Department
    • Electrocautery
    • Chemical peels
    • Acne surgery
    • Incision and Drainage
    • KOH
    • Intralesional injection
    • Dermapathology

UST - Residency


  • Letter of intent addressed to:
      Chair, Department of Medical Education and Research (DMER)
      UST Hospital
  • Application Form – available at DMER Office ONLY
  • Recent ID pictures (2 pcs. passport size, colored on white background)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Certified True Copy of the following:
    • Class Ranking
    • Transcript of Records
    • Medical School Diploma
    • Certificate of Internship
    • PRC Certificate
    • Updated PRC License (Photocopy)
    • Itemized PRC Board Rating
    • Residency Certificates (for Fellowship applications only)
    • Diplomate Certificate (for Fellowship applications only)
    • Birth Certficate or Baptismal Certificate (photocopy)

UST - Building

Being the oldest university in the Philippines, the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) was the first in the country to recognize the importance of Dermatology as a specific field in medicine. As early as 1883, “Dermatosis y su Clinica” was taught as a subject to the sixth year medical students under Sr. D. Felipe Bueno y Chicoy.

The UST Hospital Department of Dermatology was originally established as a Section of Dermatology and Syphilology under the Department of Medicine, organized and headed by Dr William Burke in 1927. In 1979, they started a specialty training in dermatology, being initially recognized by the institution as a “fellowship” program.

With Dr. Marita Lim Ke as the training officer in 1981, the three-year residency training program in Dermatology was given full accreditation by the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS).

Eventually, the Section has shown autonomy having its own financial set-up, organization and activities. This granted the recognition of the Section as a Department of Dermatology in 1988 with Dr. Lina de Dios-Torralba as the first Chair.

UST - Logo


University of Santo Tomas Hospital
Department of Dermatology
Espana Blvd.
Sampaloc Manila, 1015

Tel. No. 731-3001 loc 2638