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Southern Philippines Medical Center

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Southern Philippines Medical Center

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The department was established in 1996 with residency training and research programs the first and only in existence in the Visayas and Mindanao. The department was given full accreditation status by the Philippine Dermatological Society Accreditation Board in 2005 up to present.


We aspire to be a premier service-oriented dermatology and research center.


  • To render excellent, accessible and affordable dermatological services
  • To train competent, compassionate and ethical dermatologists and excellent through outstanding education and programs
  • To conduct quality medical studies and researches
  • Together with the Philippine Dermatological Society and other organizations, be able to transcend economic, socio-cultural and political barriers



We value compassion, commitment, competence, credibility and cooperation.


SPMC Consultants 2017
Top (left to right): Dr. Lalaine Visitacion, Dr. Karen Lee Alabado, Dr. Ma. Pacita Belisario, Dr. Karla Phoebe Castaños
Bottom (left to right): Dr. Maricarr Lacuesta-Gutierrez, Dr. Mary Jo Kristine Bunagan, Dr. Maria Mercedes Cauilan, Dr. Victoria Guillano, Dr. Claribel Jimenez



  • Maria Mercedes S. Cauilan, MD, FPDS


Training Officer:

  • Mary Jo Kristine S. Bunagan MD, FPDS



  • Lalaine R. Visitacion, MD, FPDS
  • Maria Pacita S. Belisario, MD, FPDS
  • Karen Lee P. Alabado-Laurel, MD, FPDS
  • Claribel L. Jimenez, MD, FPDS
  • Maricarr Pamela M. Lacuesta-Gutierrez, MD, FPDS
  • Karla Phoebe Castaños, MD, FPDS
  • Victoria P. Guillano, MD, FPDS



SPMC Residents 2017

Third Year Residents

  • Janice Natasha C. Ng, MD (Chief Resident January – June 2017)
  • Elisa Rae L. Coo, MD (Chief Resident July – December 2017)
  • Friend Philemon M. Liwanag, MD


Second Year Residents

  • Maria Vinna N. Crisostomo, MD
  • Margaret Stephanie L. Jimenez, MD
  • Jo Faustine Q. Manzano, MD
  • Joanne Kate T. Milana-Martinez, MD


First Year Residents

  • Camille Joyce J. Crisostomo, MD
  • Michaela M. Tabalon, MD
  • Diandra Aurora R. Zabala, MD


SPMC - Residency 1SPMC - Residency 2


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Medical School Diploma
  • Transcript of Record (Certified True Copy)
  • Class Ranking
  • Certificate of Internship
  • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) Certificate
  • Board Rating Result (PRC)
  • NBI Clearance
  • Letter of Intent addressed to the Chair, Department of Dermatology
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Two (2) 2×2 Colored Pictures

Submit the above requirements in a long brown envelope and send to:
Department of Dermatology
2nd Flr. JICA Building, J.P. Laurel, Bajada, Davao City

Letter of Intent addressed to:

Maria Mercedes S. Cauilan, MD, FPDS
Chair, Department of Dermatology

SPMC - History 1

The Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) is a tertiary government hospital with a 1500-bed capacity located in the center of Davao City. It is an accredited training institution of 13 different medical specialties, including dermatology. Within the hospital grounds are the Mindanao Heart Institute, a main building for admitted patients, a state-of-the-art ER complex, a separate OB ER station, and a building dedicated to providing out-patient services donated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which houses the Department of Dermatology outpatient clinic.

The Dermatology department clinic has a reception area, a library, two waiting areas, a consultation room, a procedure/treatment room, a room for Dermatopathology section, a phototherapy room, a pantry area and two bathrooms.

Services offered at the out-patient department include diagnostic procedures such as, KOH smear, Tzanck smear, skin slit smear, biopsy and patch testing; and dermatologic procedures like electrodessication and curettage, acne surgery, intralesional steroid injection, chemical peel, phototherapy, nail surgery, excision and incisional biopsies.

The department’s conference room and the four-bed capacity dermatology ward are located at the second floor of the PHIC annex wing within the main hospital building.


SPMC Department of Dermatology
2nd Flr. JICA Building,
J.P. Laurel, Bajada, Davao City

Tel. No. 227-2731 loc 4705
Email address:

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM