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The year 1992 marked the birth of the Dermatology Residency Training Program at the East Avenue Medical Center. That time a mere 10 square meter room with 1 desk and 3 chairs served as office & outpatient clinic for the first 3 residents & consultant staff which included Drs. Monina A. Macam, Ma. Angela M. Lavadia and Marcellano S. Cruz. With the vision of training competent dermatologists and developing future leaders in the field, the Section of Dermatology embarked on this endeavor with great enthusiasm and dedication, even if faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of providing good training with no visible source of funding. It was not until 1994 that we acquired our very own Dermatology office, Conference room & Library. In 1995, the Section moved to the OPD building. January 1999 marked another milestone in our history…we were acknowledged as a Department.

Through the years, our Department has grown. We were fortunate to be awarded a 150 square meter clinic. In December 2003, we transferred to the newly built Out-Patient Department, which houses the new Dermatology office. This serves as the Dermatology Referral Center of Quezon City, as well as the surrounding cities of Metro Manila and Luzon. The Dermatology Department is presently divided into several units which includes the General Out-Patient Clinic, Contact Dermatitis Clinic, Phototherapy Unit, Dermatologic Surgery Unit and Infectious Dermatology Unit. The Out-Patient Clinic is located in a hospital wing dedicated solely for dermatology use, where primary assessment of patients with skin disorders is done. It has an attractive, comfortable setting furnished with amenities to serve the patient as thoroughly as possible. Consultations are either seen at the out-patient clinic or the hospital wards on a daily basis.

In our perseverance to complete the Department’s physical plan and facilities, we have pooled our resources to come up with the necessary equipment to address the needs of the patients. We have been able to upgrade our facilities by annual fund raising projects such as movie premieres, bingo bonanzas, raffle draws and acoustic nights. The Departmental Library houses textbooks and journals in dermatology and allied disciplines. Computers with extensive graphics and word processing capacity are dedicated to trainee use.  The Department’s outreach program is conducted as a commitment to serve the people. We have medical missions in the different areas within Metro Manila & in provinces nationwide, such as the Quezon Province, Baguio City, Palawan and the Bicol Region. It has been our priority as a Department to serve our people in the far-flung areas of the archipelago.

The East Avenue Medical Center Department of Dermatology has produced competent and service-oriented graduates. At present, many of them are practicing in the different regions of the country, rendering dermatologic services and sharing their expertise with our countrymen in the different regions of the Philippines.

We have diligently conducted post-graduate courses, workshops and round table discussions. Still, we continue to strive to give quality services to our patients by attending seminars and conventions. Our unmatched energy has extended our activities way beyond the hospital grounds. Our graduates and residents have excelled in other academic activities reflecting the outstanding training East Avenue has to offer. The Department of Dermatology has won and received numerous awards and honors in several research and other academic contests in and outside the country. Truly, this proves that we have been successful in achieving our goals and vision. The department has indeed carved out its niche as one of the premiere training centers for dermatology.

As an accredited institution of the Philippine Dermatological Society, the Department is definitely not resting on its laurels; it strives to move on, surpassing difficulties to pursue its teaching goals. On a noble mission, it takes on the challenge with fearless steps and wise discretion guided by its vision of academic excellence and becoming a center for extending exceptional care to its constituents. After all these years, we are proud to say that we have achieved much, all of which have been realized through the spirit of whole-hearted volunteerism. At present, we are all working hand in hand to continuously reach our goal of serving our fellowmen. We look forward to the years to come.


    The Department of Dermatology, East Avenue Medical Center is committed to deliver the highest quality of dermatologic care to all patients in an atmosphere of compassion and respect, to provide excellent training, and to pursue relevant research in the science and art of Dermatology.
    We aspire to be the best center for Dermatology training, service, and research in the Philippines.
    We value Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Ethics, and Professionalism.


Ma. Angela M. Lavadia, MD                        Chairman
Elizabeth P. Prieto, MD                               Administrative Officer
Milali T. Torres, MD                                     Training Officer
Georgina C. Pastorfide, MD
Dee Jay B. Arcega, MD
Maria Tricia Manlongat-Malahito, MD
Maria Cecilia C. Ongjoco, MD
Marilyn M. Punzal, MD
Francisco C. Rivera IV, MD
Jacqueline Judith A. Victa, MD
Marielle M. Villanueva, MD
Marcellano S. Cruz, MD                              Chairman 2008-2012
Monina A. Macam, MD                               Chairman Emeritus                   




A. General Dermatology Out-Patient Clinic

In the General Dermatology Clinic, the residents examine, diagnose and treat patients. Medications, if available, are given for free. The usual top ten cases seen are: dermatophytosis, scabies, acne vulgaris, verruca, allergic contact dermatitis, tinea versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis, hypersensitivity reaction, neurodermatitis and atopic dermatitis. 

B. Specialty Clinics

Psoriasis & Phototherapy Clinic

The Phototherapy clinic offers UVB and UVA therapy not only to psoriasis patients but also to those diagnosed with vitiligo, mycoses fungoides, and other responsive skin conditions.

Infectious Diseases Clinic

1.  Hansen’s Disease Clinic
This clinic deals with Leprosy cases acquired during childhood and adulthood. Patients usually undergo baseline laboratory examinations like slit skin smear, bacterial index and skin biopsy with Fite-Faraco staining.   Free MDT (Multi-Drug Therapy) is likewise given to our patients.

 2.  Mycology
All fungal infections are diagnosed clinically and confirmed by examinations such as the Potassium Hydroxide Smear and Wood’s lamp. All 2nd year residents are required to attend mycology courses.

3.  Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV-AIDS and Other Bacterial and Viral Infections
Sexually transmitted, non-sexually transmitted and other infectious diseases are recognized and diagnosed. Patients undergo laboratory examinations such as gram stain, culture and sensitivity, Tzanck smear, serologic tests and skin biopsy. Patients are treated according to their needs.

Contact Dermatitis Clinic

Patients presenting with acute or chronic inflammatory reactions to substances are examined and treated. Patch testing and skin testing are performed when necessary.

Dermatologic Surgery and Procedures

This clinic offers a wide range of procedures such as acne surgery, electrodessication, extraction and excision of both benign and malignant lesions.


For this subspecialty, patients’ slides are studied using the 5-headed microscope. Weekly discussions of the different pathologic patterns by the consultants and residents are done.

Dermatologic Laboratory

The department conducts simple laboratory procedures such as Wood’s lamp, Potassium Hydroxide examination, gram stain, bacterial index, Tzanck smear, Starch Iodine Test, Acetowhitening test and others for confirmation of their dermatologic diagnosis.

C. Support Groups

One of the aims of the department is to treat each patient holistically. With this in mind, the Psoriasis Support Group was launched in the year 2001. We encourage our psoriasis patients to join our Psoriasis club, who meet once a month to discuss the different aspects of their disease. The Eczema Club meets monthly as well. The Hansen’s disease club was established in 2009 and the members meet quarterly. These support groups aim to deal with the psychological, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of coping with the disease.

D. Research Unit

The research unit facilitates the conduct of non-experimental and experimental studies as well as research seminars and workshops. Logbooks, papers and CD’s pertaining to research are filed for use in epidemiologic studies.

E. Outreach Program

The department’s outreach program is conducted as a commitment to serve people. We regularly hold medical missions in the different areas within Metro Manila and in the provinces nationwide.



  • Application form with 2 pcs passport sized pictures
  • Application letter addressed to:
  1. Hospital Director (Roland L. Cortez, M.D. MHA, CESO IV, CEO VI, Medical  Center Chief II)
  2. Department Chair (Ma. Angela M. Lavadia, M.D., FPDS)
  • Transcript of Records (photocopy)
  • Diploma (photocopy)
  • Class Ranking (photocopy)
  • Certificate of Internship (photocopy)
  • Board Rating (photocopy)
  • PRC Certificate (photocopy)
  • Letters of Recommendation from two (2) medical school professors (original)

Submit the above documents in a long brown envelope with:

  • Full name (use black permanent marker) on upper left side
  • Passport sized picture pasted on upper right side of envelope


Application Form – Php 1000
Examination Fee – Php 1500
Post-Graduate Course – Php 1500
(Some entrance exam questions will be taken from the Post-Graduate Course)

September 9, 2014 | Tuesday |  3:00 pm

September 12, 2014 | Friday |1:00 pm

The following will be required prior to acceptance into the residency program:

  • Psychological examination
  • Philippine Medical Association Membership (Good Standing)


3rd Floor New OPD Building
East Avenue Medical Center
Phone Number: 710-0957
Email address: eamcderma@yahoo.com

Mondays 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesdays to Fridays 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM