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Editorial Policy

A submitted manuscript is evaluated by a member of the editorial staff, in terms of content, flow of ideas, and the format of the different parts of the manuscript (from the title to the reference section). The editors edit the manuscript, and when necessary, it is sent back to the author for revisions, and, once approved, the article is sent to at least two peer reviewers who comment on the scientific accuracy and relevance of the manuscript. Each peer reviewer fills up a form where he/she writes his/her comments and suggestions, and states if the article is acceptable for publication, acceptable with revisions, or unacceptable for publication. The comments of the reviewer are sent to the author(s) who, in turn, is/are required to submit a written answer to the questions of, or address the concerns of the reviewer point by point, as well as to revise the paper accordingly. In case the reviewer writes a commentary that the editors consider worth publishing, the commentary is shown to the author(s), and if the author(s) and reviewer(s) mutually agree to publish the comments, it will be printed at the end of the article. A request to submit a revised document does not guarantee that it will be accepted, only that it will be reconsidered, if the necessary data have been added, all comments have been addressed, and when deemed necessary, after additional peer review. The final decision to publish a manuscript is made by the editor-in-chief after consulting the editorial board. The editor-in-chief communicates with the editorial adviser for any problems or concerns that may arise during the editorial process.

Contributions are reviewed by peers selected by the Editorial Board, composed of Fellows of the PDS and international experts in their particular field of (sub)specialty.

The JPDS employs a confidential and anonymous peer review process. The author(s) may suggest reviewers for their manuscript and the editorial board will attempt to use at least one suggested reviewer.

Statements and opinions expressed in the articles and communications published are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Editor(s) or of the PDS.